Refinery of refined fuels from the North Sea. Marine Platform ALC16-32 and ALB22-01, Qatar, Denmark, we deliver fuel through the engineering in Panama.
Global Fuel and Petrochemical Supplier with Efficient Shipping Logistics and High Quality Standards


Drilling, Refining, Storage.

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AFS OIL & LDCO QATAR GROUP is dedicated to delivering premium oil products sourced from the North Sea, Denmark, Norway, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. Additionally, we offer a wide range of oil drilling equipment manufactured in the United States, Russia, Germany, and Holland. Our products include tricone drill bits with steel tooth and tungsten carbide inserts, providing superior performance and durability.

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Global Energy Business

Our company is a leader in the global energy industry and we are committed to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions to customers around the world. With a presence in the hydrocarbons and petrochemicals market, our company focuses on offering high-quality products to meet the growing global demand for energy. AFS OIL LTD QATAR, a leading private company in the petroleum industry, and its subsidiary in Panama are pleased to offer $5 billion for new drilling operations.

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Hydrocarbons Supplier

AFS OIL & LDCO GRUPO QATAR is a trusted supplier of hydrocarbons, providing a range of high-quality products to meet the needs of customers in various industries.

AFS OIL & LDCO based in Panama involves over 70 advisors, engineers, financiers, technicians, and lawyers in the development of financial and hydrocarbon businesses. We are engaged in international cooperation for development and protocol, with offices in Dubai, Venezuela, Spain, Australia, China, and Russia. Our customized technology ensures seamless operations in multiple countries' embassies.

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Efficient Shipping Logistics

AFS OIL & LDCO has a strong focus on efficient shipping logistics, ensuring that products are delivered on time and to the highest quality standards.

Our company is located at a strategic point in the Panama Canal, where important worldwide shipping companies converge. We can offer a reliable supply of hydrocarbons thanks to our privileged location. Our products include:

We can offer a reliable supply of hydrocarbons thanks to our privileged location. Our products include:

•JET A-1 Kerosene •ESPO

•Gasoline 93 Octane •Pecoke

•Diesel Gas D2 •Urea

•Bitumen •Mazut 100 Gost

•LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) •EN590

•LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas) •JP54


assorted-color filed intermodal containers
assorted-color filed intermodal containers


Our mission is to facilitate the global supply of energy products, project development and services for the mutual benefits of our clients by employing unique business models that extend our ability beyond traditional business.


AFS OIL & LDCO GRUPO QATAR is recognized as an innovative company in the creation of superior value for our clients through strategic and unique partnerships with private investors and financial institution.

Andrews Financial Services LTD /AFS OIL

Dr. Félix R. Velázquez F.
CEO / International AFS OIL LTD

Prince moody Aluci Nasser J. Al Thani

Dr. Ossm X.
Financial development advisor and hydrocarbon business

Jeque Nasser Bin Ali Saud Al Thani
Administration Counsel President

Hasan Ibrahim Ali Ahmad
Petroleum engineer

Jeque Mohammed Bin Ali Saud Al Thani
Vice President of the Board of Directors

Ing. Marcos R. Rios
Oil Strategic Development AFS OIL

Dr. Gustavo Jaime
Latin America Legal Department

Ing. Juan Carlos Zarate
Financial Engineer

Dra. Maria Mendoza
Business Development
Legal Department

Arq. Ana Celeste Cravioto
Vice President of Mexico AFS OIL LTD

Lic. Laura Garrido M.
CEO / General
Andrew Financial Services LTD Grupo Qatar - Panamá

Lic. Ricardo M. Rios
General Adviser
Andrew Financial Services LTD Grupo Qatar - Panamá

Dra. Lauraa Alejandra G.
Office Supervisor

Lic. Leida Araujo
Sales Manager
Andrew Financial Services LTD Grupo Qatar - Panamá

Lic. Juan B. Reyes
Administrative Director
Andrew Financial Services LTD Grupo Qatar - Panamá

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